Our entire company is committed to environmental issues and risk management for health and safety at work. Today our major goal is to maintain our guiding principle in “product” quality and customer service. 
ISO 9001 certification (PDF) 

Work directions for the future

To continue the QSE process set-up in our company we have fixed certain work goals for the future.

  • Heighten the awareness of our agents about the importance of feedback from the field.
  • Continuously improve the tools to analyse our business concerning performance quality, respecting the environment and ensuring safety.

Our goal is to improve our control tools by using indicators that are better-adapted and therefore a real help in decision making.

Guarantee employee safety

All of our team members are clearly aware of the professional risks inherent to our job. This has helped us change both attitudes and practices. Coppel Maintenance can now be more serene by working on the administrative and documentary aspects of regulations. For this, we must systematically implement a prevention process for each site (client/ contractor).

Environmental aims

In line with our 20-year commitment to sustainable storage, and in view of the nature of our business amidst the mountains and in rivers, have developped a strong environmental policy. Our environmental aims include:

  • Optimising recycling waste: reduction at the source, recycling solutions, total sorting.
  • Reducing consumption: water, gas, electricity, fuel, consumables
  • Integrating environmental issues in purchasing and reduce the use of polluting products
  • Limiting the risks of environmental accidents, reinforcing pollution prevention
  • Ensuring compliance to rules and regulations and any other endorsed requirements.
  • In the long term, limiting atmospheric emissions resulting from our business to a minimum.

Coppel Maintenance is fully committed to long-term continuous improvement. This constant revaluation of our processes enables the company to keep as close as possible to our clients’ needs.

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