Our team

Today Coppel Maintenance employs approximately fifty people to work on aerial ropeways 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via a network of seven agencies spread across the French Alps and the Lake Geneva perimeter. Our teams are made up of site technicians specialised in all types of aerial ropeway maintenance. Thanks to our many logistical transport means (4×4 vehicles, quads, snow scooters…) and the diverse technical skills of our employees, they are capable of intervening on all types of installations.

Human ressources

  • 11 people: management, order-taking, warehouse logistics
  • 20 people: maintenance workshops
  • 15 people: site maintenance
  • 2 people: transport


Hugues Coppel, Direction Générale et Financière

Hugues Coppel

Chairman founder
Xavier Brach, Direction Technique

Xavier Brach

Tecnical Director
Sébastien Chareyron, Direction Générale

Sébastien Chareyron

General Director
Jérôme Muffat, Direction des Opérations

Jérôme Muffat

Operations Director
Yannick Caer, Production

Yannick Caer

Hugues Vitasse, Comptabilité et Gestion

Hugues Vitasse

Accounting & management
Melanie Pricco, Achats

Melanie Pricco

Sophie Amilin, Veille Réglementaire et Documentaire

Sophie Amilin

Regulations & documentary monitoring
Jean-Marie Dubourgeal, Chef d'Équipe Chantier

Jean-Marie Dubourgeal

Site team manager
Mathieu Maure, Chef d'Équipe Chantier

Mathieu Maure

Site team manager
Cédric Perret, Chef d'Équipe Chantier

Cédric Perret

Site team manager
Sylvain Renand, Conduite d'Opération

Sylvain Renand

Operations manager
Anthony Basseux, Chef d'Équipe Chantier

Anthony Basseux

Site Team Manager
Stéphane Chevalier, Chef d'Équipe Chantier

Stéphane Chevalier

Site Team Manager
Maxime Besson, Manutention et Transport

Maxime Besson

Handling & transport
Didier Anthonioz, Manutention et Transport

Didier Anthonioz

Handling & transport
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