Grips, ropes, towbars


For your 3- and 5- year inspections as well as special inspections on your fixed or detachable grips, Coppel Maintenance provides you with tailored service for dismantling, shipping and workshop operations. And of course we supply components as well. For our work, we use three inspection benches installed in an 800m2 workshop located in our plant in Saint-Pierre_en_Faucigny. Every year, over 2000 fixed or detachable grips are maintained by our teams!


With 27 years of experience in the ski lift industry, our teams are experts in shortening and replacing surface lift ropes. A very large stock of 12 and 16 mm clear is available to be cut within 4 hours, shipped from our headquarters in the French Alps. For aerial ropeways, shortening and replacement operations are also available. Every year, our teams work on over 40 ropes.


With 5000 multibrand towbars maintained every year, Coppel Maintenance provides tailored solutions from annual maintenance to complete overhaul of your towbars and telescopic hangers.

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